EBCON’s consulting line offers solutions in a wide range of sectors. 
Our experts will offer strategies to effectively achieve the objectives set by the client.
Get a global perspective and a systematic view of the problem at hand and the possible investment alternatives that can be carried out to increase profits. 


According to the government of each country, a set of subsidies are established to encourage different aspects in the production areas of the companies.
At EBCON we will help you to carry out your investment plans by facilitating the process of obtaining economic aids.
Projects that favor the energy efficiency of the company, as well as the implementation of the so called “Industry 4.0” are key factors to obtain this type of subsidies.


Thanks to a large team of engineers, technicians and economists among others, we can specialize in a multitude of branches, so you can get a higher level of experience, training and speed in solving their procedures and doubts.
We offer advice oriented to the industry and we are backed by an extensive experience in many projects. 


If you want to start a new project or make modifications and updates in other already finished projects, EBCON can provide you with the appropriate means.
We have a team of experts in different areas, who can facilitate ideas and materialize them, always with the aim of achieving our client’s objectives.